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Our focus is simple: Demand nothing but excellence and be attentive to our customers. We pride ourselves in making customer service the highest priority.

Our ability to present a wide range of first-class products is made possible by tailoring our services to fit specific customer demands. A list of our services includes efficient logistics, warehousing, quality control, and financial solutions.

Tracing resources

One very important requirement is that all ingredients must be fully traceable. In addition, our products must be derived from facilities that concentrate on generating top quality yield through environmentally responsible processes.

All Greenatrium facilities are self-managed units with a focus on animal husbandry, costs, quality, insect health, traceability, the environment, and the benefit of our customers.

Shipping & Logistics

Greenatrium is committed to being one of the world’s most efficient producers, distributors, and marketers of insect-based functional feed ingredients. From our processing plants, our products are always maintained at ultimate temperature conditions. We monitor all of our shipments using the latest technology in digital perishable food logistics thermometers.

All of our shipments leave our plants with temperature thermometers allowing us to detect minimal temperature changes at any given point during the transportation; thus ensuring that product quality is never compromised.

Market Strategy

  • Aim at the leading aquatic animal feed markets in South America and North America.
  • Create a network of partnerships with producers to offer quality and reliable products.
  • Through our long-term and transparent relationships in the industry, which we have built and cultivated for years, we will enter new market sectors to launch innovative functional products to feed manufacturers and animal producers.
  • Present financial and logistical support to assist our clients with business growth.