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Imagine a future where the world’s protein supply is partly sustained by a technology that enables organic insect components to be turned into animal feed for better nutrition.

Quality in nutrition,
quality in results

Greenatrium is a distributor and supplier of insect-based functional feed ingredients for the aquaculture, poultry, and pet food industries. We process high-quality insect meals and insect oil to formulate products of excellence with nutritional and health-promoting effects for animals.

Commitment & Sustainability

At Greenatrium, we believe in responsible and sustainable nutrition, premium products, and superior customer relationships. Our ingredients are sourced only from audited and inspected producers worldwide. Together with our partners, we want to produce, supply and distribute a feed ingredient that is economically interesting for the farmer while expanding the animal feed market with new effective options.

The Process

Our insect farming and processing partners are located in North America, Europe, and Asia.  GreenAtrium continues to strive towards finding new locations with ideal conditions in order to increase our production and provide our customers with a reliable supply of ingredients. One very important requirement is that all ingredients must be fully traceable. In addition, our products must be derived from facilities that concentrate on generating top quality yield through environmentally responsible processes.


We understand the value of finding and developing new alternatives in the production of fish and poultry feeds rich in nutrients and proteins. With more than 20 years in the market and a vast expertise, Greenatrium has become the number one insect-based feed ingredient supplier, always focused on expanding the horizon of innovation.

Expect Results

We have knowledge of the nutritional benefits of insects in the animal diet; especially in the early stages of their life.

Our experience and relationships in the industry offer an honest and transparent representation to our clients and partners.